Sweet is always..

Smak is the first in the region which offers a live kitchen concept, where cakes are made live, in front of the customers. While other cake shops tend to sell cakes that are a day old, we pride ourselves for selling fresh cakes. Once we created awareness in our market about our fresh cakes we outshine other cake shops and brands.

Smak opened in 2010 as a relatively small scale family run bakery with small no. of employees and many of the products being manually produced.Smak began business by making and supplying the region with Cakes, breads and pastries.Today,Smak Bakes, Cakes and Grills is the best in the region, with three branches and still expanding.

Our range of products has diversified and expanded to meet the needs of the growing customer base. Smak now produces 200 different types of bakery items including Cakes, Breads, Pasteries, Confectionary, Muffins and Biscotti’s and a variety of  Shakes,Mojitos,Juices,Burgers and Grills that is best in the region are just a fraction of the variety of products. Even with a large product base we still surpass our competitors with superior customer satisfaction and consistently excellent quality of goods.

Our vision is to provide an increasing portfolio of high quality, speciality products in the market, whilst maintaining excellent customer satisfaction in every interaction. Our diverse product base and our focus on superior customer service have made Smak a proud regional supplier to a wide range of customers, many being incredibly reputable. The bakery consists of modern, state of the art, fully and semi-automated production lines, with the capacity to produce large volumes of products each and every day. Our superb team of highly trained employees and our recognizable fleet of vehicles ensure that all goods are produced and distributed fresh to our customers.


Are you a food addict and love to capture your best life moments?…well, pose like a star at Smak and delight yourself with its awesome food ,play music and socialize with free wifi and ample car parking facility’s